Gear Needed to Climb Mount Rainier

Gear List for Mt Rainier

Gear Needed to Climb Mount Rainier

Planning a trip up the breathtaking Mount Rainier? If so, you might be asking yourself, What equipment do I need to climb Mt Rainier?

Aim for your pack to be no heavier than 40 pounds. Novice climbers often worry about “going without” and tend to pack half their refrigerator and their master closet. Our goal is to pack light to go fast and easy (okay that’s relative) on the mountain. The gear list below is what the National Park service recommends, and naturally, this is only a list of suggestions. There are plenty more great gear lists out there to give you specifics on each individual piece of equipment or creative ideas for packing light as you plan the equipment you’ll need to climb Mt. Rainier.

Also, more technical routes might require more equipment. The key is to not overpack but not leave out anything critical to your safety on the mountain.

Mount Rainier Gear List

Individual Equipment:

Map & Compass



Sunglasses and/or ski goggles (dark lenses)

Sunscreen and Lip Balm

First Aid Kit

Food (extra food for emergencies)

Headlamp and extra batteries


Signaling Device (whistle and/or mirror)

Gloves and Mittens

Winter Hat

Sun Hat

Down or Synthetic Parka

Wool or Synthetic Clothing

Layered Waterproof/Breathable Parka

Waterproof/Breathable Pants or Bibs

Sleeping Bag – comfortable to 10F

Ensolite Pad

Ice Axe

Carabiners (minimum 4)

Prussik Slings (3) or Ascenders

Chest and Seat Harness


Boots and Gaitors


Picket (1) or other appropriate protection device

Toilet Paper

Blue Bags

Water Bottle


Team Equipment:

Rope, 40 m, 9 or 11mm diameter

Pickets or Ice Screws (as appropriate for route and conditions)


Stove and Fuel

Extra Fuel for emergencies

Tent or Tarp Shelter




Top image credit Flickr.