How to Handle Human Waste on Mount Rainier

How to Handle Human Waste on Mt. Rainier

Climbing Mount Rainier is a challenging endeavor that thousands of people attempt each year. Each climber makes a mark on the mountain.

So… while how to handle human waste on Mount Rainier might not be dinner-table conversation, it is important to know how to responsibly care for the mountain.

Carry Everything Out. Yes, Everything.

Human waste, litter, trash, and even food remnants like fruit peels MUST be carried off the mountain with you.

Muir Camp Potty

Solar Toilets at Camp Muir. Image credit Steve Cyr.

The only toilet facilities on the mountain are located at Camp Muir and Camp Schurman. (They are not meant for trash.) Naturally, it would be ideal to plan your gastrointestinal activities around these facilities. Easier said than done? Fine, if you have to defecate during your climb, use the “Blue Bags” that you can obtain at high camps and ranger stations.

How to Use Blue Bags on Mount Rainier

Brace yourself for some fairly blunt instructions of how to handle your poo on the mountain.

  • Each blue bag consists of a blue bag, a clear bag and twisty ties.
  • Do your business (okay, defectate…sorry Mom) away from the climbing route or break area.
  • Use the blue bag like a glove to pick up your droppings.
  • Turn the blue bag inside out and tie it with the twisty.
  • Put the blue bag inside the clear bag and tie that up too.

Don’t put your blue bag in a trash can. You can deposit your blue bags at collection bins. These bins can be found at White River and Ipsut Campgrounds, Paradise Comfort Station, Camp Muir, and Camp Schurman.

Let’s keep the mountain clean so all those that climb Mount Rainier can enjoy its splendor and beauty.