Historic photos of climbers on Mount Rainier

Historic photos of climbers on Mount Rainier

Here’s the latest information about Mount Rainier National Park:

[…] based on the details of Hazard Stevens’ account of the first successful summit of the 14,410-foot peak, it can be a terrifying experience. With that in mind, they carried ice axes, a long rope, a large canteen, flags, alpine staffs, and some lunch, but left behind coats and blankets. The route, known today as the Gibraltar Ledges route, took the duo (their Yakima Indian guide, Sluiskin, refused to go farther out of fear of demons) along a ledge with heavy exposure to falling rock from above, and exposure to a massive drop below. On their way to the higher peak, they discovered a sulfur steam vent in an ice cave and opted to pass the night there, trying to catch the heat from “one of Pluto’s fires” with a quickly built stone wall on one side.

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