Which Mount Rainier Guide Service is Most Popular?

Which Mount Rainier Guide Service is Most Popular?

Three guide service companies (otherwise known as concession franchises) provide expeditions to climb Mount Rainier. These guides help thousands to reach the summit each year. The companies are Alpine Ascents International, International Mountain Guides, and RMI Expeditions.

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How Many Climbers Did Each Company Guide Last Year?

Between the three guide companies, 3377 climbers were assisted in climbing Mount Rainier in 2014.
Here is the breakdown of number of climbers each expedition service guided last year.

Guide Serve Guides Clients Total
RMI Expeditions 734 1990 2724
International Mountain Guides 367 707 1074
Alpine Ascents International 352 680 1032

What is a Concession Franchise?

As official concession franchises, each company is monitored by the National Park service and must pay a percentage of their gross revenues as a franchise fee that in turn helps fund the monitoring process. These three companies were awarded 10-year contracts back in 2006.

* Source: Mt. Rainier National Park Mountaineering Report 2014

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