Passes and Permits Needed to Climb Mt. Rainier

Passes & Permits Needed to Climb Mt. Rainier

You might be asking yourself, What passes or permits do I need to climb Mount Rainier?

Paperwork, all this paperwork!

If you plan to reach Mount Rainier’s summit, you’ll need a couple of passes and permits:

Mt Rainier Paradise MeadowWilderness Permit for Mount Rainier

You need one Wilderness Permit per party, if you plan to camp overnight. The permit is good for one climb only, up to 14 consecutive nights camping during that trip.

IMPORTANT! Register for your trip early. The National Park Service begins accepting reservations on March 15 and begins to assign reservations as early as April 1. No, there’s no online option to register. You must fax, mail, or hand your reservation application in person.

Cost: $20 for a party up to 12 people.

Download the Wilderness Camping & Climbing Permit Reservation Request form.


Mount Rainier Climbing Pass

Valid until December 31 of the year of purchase, this pass allows you to climb above 10,000 feet or climb on the glaciers. Good for an unlimited number of climbs. You can purchase it on the day of your trip (at Ranger Station when you register) or at the time you purchase your Wilderness Permit (recommended). Either way, you have to have it with you (along with photo I.D.) when you register your party at time of your trip.

Cost:  $32 for ages 24 and younger; $45 for ages 25 and up.


Register in Person for Your Climb

Great, you got the paperwork. Time to head to the mountain!

On the day prior to your trip or the day of, your whole party needs to show up at one of the ranger stations to register for your Mt. Rainier climb. Everyone will need a photo I.D. and a Mt. Rainier Climbing Pass. (List of ranger stations for registering is here.)