When to Climb Mt. Rainier?

When to climb mt rainier

When to Climb Mt. Rainier?

So you’ve decided to climb Mount Rainier. Time to pick a target date for your adventure! Planning ahead is important because you will need time to get in shape, select your travel companions, identify a climbing guide company if you choose, and obtain all the required permits and paperwork.

Target date, you say?

Weather is the main factor in deciding when to climb. While there are many experts who will be climbing Mt. Rainier during the winter, the common climbing season runs from April to September. The elements become the most stable in mid-July, but calmer weather has drawbacks too. As things warm up, crevasses begin to gape, bridges of ice and snow weaken, and the Rainier routes begin to meander around new obstacles. Certain routes are only viable in the earlier months because melting ice that holds loose rock in place relinquishes its grip, making falling rock a real hazard.

So…when is the right time to climb Rainier?

Late June and early July sometimes offer the best mix of good climbing conditions and stable weather. However, this changes year to year. Naturally, checking the weather before you go and check the blog kept by Mount Rainier Park Service Climbing Rangers. They keep you updated with the latest mountain climbing conditions.


Top image credit Flickr.